• Scorpion Series

    The "Scorpion Series" finish configuration is inspired by the worlds' leading firearms and tactical manufacturers desert warefare systems. Satin black and Flat Dark Earth paint (or FDE or OD Green textured pickguards from VZ Grips), matte black hardware, Scorpion Series inlay and an assault weapon look and feel identify the distinctive "Scorpion Series".

  • 2-Tone Premium Finish

    The metallic and pearl finishes with accent stripe are dynamic to say the least. Accenting the body shape, these finishes provide the unique look people have come to expect from us. And the metallic or pearl finishes make the colors look so deep, you'd swear you could swim in them. In some cases, we use the more subtle but ever elegant satin finishes adding a whole different element of class and style. Satin finishes have that unmistakable feel.

  • Matching Headstock

    Body and headstock are finished in the same wood and/or color. Great accent that brightens the entire look of the guitar through a subtle, but fabulous accent. Great finishing touch.

  • Floyd Rose Tremolo

    The Floyd Rose Tremolo System is used by more professionals throughout the world than any other. Its double-locking design allows you to lock your guitar in tune at the nut and at the bridge. Engineered like no other Tremolo System, its high quality steel parts are manufactured to exacting specifications and has been setting the standard in tremolo systems for years.

  • EMG Pickups

    EMG Pickups started a revolution. Utilizing powerful ceramic magnets and close aperture coils, the tone was designed with detailed intensity, incredible amounts of high end cut and fluid sustain. Traditionally used in the bridge position, this pickup will make your leads slice right through even the densest mix. A distinctive look and sound, there's simply not mistaking EMG pickups.

  • Grover Tuners

    Often considered the world's finest tuning machines, the Grover tuners are a triumph in engineering and style. The housing provides a maximum bearing for worm gear and string post and designed to eliminate backlash and slippage. Countersunk tension tension screw permits players to regulate turning tension to any degree. Gear box has a special lubricant for lifetime, trouble-free service.

  • Contoured Set Neck

    Diamond's Contoured Set Neck method is arguably the most popular neck joint style amongst high-end electric guitars. The set neck is carefully cut to match its mounting point on the guitar body and the two sections are joined to maximize strength and minimize neck wiggle. Most notable is the amazing feel of the neck joint when you need it most - near the highest frets. Our contour feels fast, comfortable and as if the neck joint isn't even there.

Set Neck/25.5"
Scorpion Series
Matte Black
Floyd Rose 1000 Series

Another modern progression of this style of guitar, the BIRD OF PREY takes aggressive to a new level, downright hostile. If you are a BIRD OF PREY player, you've known it since before you could play. And with a little refinement, the BIRD OF PREY plays and feels better than ever. The dictionary defines a bird of prey as a bird that hunts and eats other animals. Couldn't have said it better. It's a predator. And now faster than ever too.

Part of our SCORPION SERIES, the BIRD OF PREY STE is one of the baddest boys on the block. Finidng its color scheme from modern warfare weapons systems, the STE is Satin Black and Flat Dark Earth giving this weapon it's assault rifle feel and look. Decked out with a Floyd Rose, set neck and EMG Pickups, this is a fully equiped war machine.

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